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Christmas Trading 2017

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THU 21/12 8am till 4:30pm FRI 22/12 8am till 12:30pm SAT 23/12 CLOSED MON 25/12 CLOSED TUE 26/12 CLOSED WED 27/12 8am till 12:30pm THU 28/12 8am till 12:30pm FRI 29/12 8am till 12:30pm SAT 30/12 CLOSED MON 01/01 CLOSED TUE 02/01 8am till 5:00pm All online orders that are completed during this time will be processed and dispatched the next trading day. ... continue reading

Fix now pay later with Afterpay

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Fixing your car just got a whole lot easier with Afterpay payment plan here at Panel house online store. You can have your car refined up and pay later with no interest. That’s right, thanks to Panel House automotive crash repair parts and spares you can fix your car and choose Afterpay when you shop online in Australia’s Panel House Automotive. It only takes 3 small steps to fix now and pay later….... continue reading

Christmas Trading

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Wednesday 23rd December - 8am till 4pm Thursday 24th December - 8am till 12pm Friday 25th December - Christmas Day - CLOSED Saturday 26th December - Boxing Day - CLOSED Monday 28th December - Public Holiday - CLOSED Tuesday 29th December - 8am till 12pm Wednesday 30th December - 8am till 12pm Thursday 31st December - CLOSED Friday 1st January - CLOSED Saturday 2nd - CLOSED... continue reading

LED or Laser: What headlamp illuminates better

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Modern headlamps have come a long way from their acetylene-fuelled predecessors. Today, automobiles are usually fitted with either Halogen or LED headlamps, offering longer working lives and a cost-effective product. However, a new type of headlamp has made waves in recent years and that is laser. Are laser headlamps the future of automotive lighting? Are they brighter than LEDs? Below is a detailed discussion to find out. LED Headlamps Cadillac was the first car manufacturer to incorporate LEDs on the 2000 DeVille’s taillights. The small size of the lights allowed automobile designers to fashion them into different shapes and looks. In addition, LED lights do not create heat, instead converting energy into light. Below are some of the benefits of installing LED headlamps: LED headlights produce a crisp, bright light which provides better visibility at night. Properly aligned LED headlights also help eliminate glare. Last... continue reading

Car Performance Parts: Keep drivers safe on the road

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For many car owners, performance parts as modifications are one way to improve a vehicle’s fuel efficiency and safety on the road. Whether they are brand new or used car parts, a car’s performance can be improved quickly and conveniently with these additions. However, modern cars are developed to meet emission and fuel efficiency standards and adding aftermarket performance parts may affect a car’s overall performance. Some experts believe keeping a vehicle in its stock condition is highly recommended. Enhancing a car’s factory components may seem extreme but adding performance parts could improve the drive. For car owners who are having second thoughts on installing these parts, here are some examples of car performance parts which help improve safety on the road: Tyres Tyres are the most essential and also most neglected part of a vehicle. Tyres are designed to absorb impact from road bumps as well as provide traction when accelerating, tu... continue reading

It's Show Time!

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NORMAL TRADING FOR PANEL HOUSE DURING THE BRISBANE EKKA 2015 Panel House are trading as usual during the Brisbane EKKA Week (10th August - 15 August). ... continue reading

Step by Step Grille Installation

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The way grilles fit into cars nowadays is quite simple as they are generally the first part that comes out when you have to repair something. When assembling a vehicle, the grille is the last item that goes on so it’s also the first item that comes off. This makes it easier to fit the part to pretty much any car, especially later model utes. If you are looking to fit a chrome grille to your ute, our step-by-step guide should help. This tutorial can be used on many different models. Before Parts to be installed After Steps: Start with a flat bladed screwdriv... continue reading

March Easter Madness

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Free Shipping Offer This is the perfect opportunity for you to purchase brand new direct replacement inner and outer door handles and window regulators for your vehicle. ... continue reading


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Got Hail Damage? With the recent storms that have hit Brisbane, wide spread damage caused by the extreme winds, hailstones and floodwaters have left cars damaged and broken. With Brisbane’s wildest storms, the team at Panel House have had a high demand of locals choosing to replace their damaged headlights, tail lights, panels, and mirrors rather than paying hefty insurance premiums or driving an un-roadworthy vehicle. Panel House offer a huge range of genuine, aftermarket and second hand car parts and accessories for most makes and models. If you can’t find the parts online contact the team during business hours on (07) 3808 0555 or by email at ... continue reading

G20 - Can't Handle It Offer!

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Need new door handles for your car? Panel House specialise in interior and exterior door handles that are direct replacements to suite most makes and models. If this is you, now is great time to buy with Panel Houses 'can't handle it ' offer. From the 6th of November until 17 th of November, Panel House is offering free shi... continue reading

Now Shipping to NZ

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Panel House is excited to launch affordable shipping options to our friends in New Zealand. WELCOME ABOARD NEW ZEALAND! Panel House offer affordable shipping op... continue reading

RSPCA 2014 Cupcake Day

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I've created this page because I want to make a difference. I'm inspired by the work that RSPCA Qld Inc do, so I wanted to raise money for them as part of my participation in RSPCA Cupcake Day QLD 2014. Please help me help them by giving whatever you can using the 'Give Now' button. The more people that know about RSPCA Qld Inc, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot! ... continue reading